Families of Heaven’s Hundred address people of Holland

Relatives of peaceful protesters killed on Maidan and Euromaidan SOS initiative volunteers appeal to the Dutch voters to support Ukrainian people in their effors of building a free democratic society. We have lost our closest ones during the Revolution of Dignity. They confronted publicly the corrupt regime that undermined human dignity and in front of the whole [...]


The monthly report of some NGOs entitled “Crimea’s Chronicle,” – report monitoring the human rights situation in Crimea, was presented on July 10th during a press briefing at UCMC

During the month of June, the Center for Civil Liberties registered numerous violations of human rights in Crimea. No less than nine court hearings, ten arrests, three warnings addressed to civilians by law enforcement organs of the self-proclaimed autonomous Republic of Crimea were identified. Six activists who took part in pro-Ukrainian meetings are now accused [...]


JUSTICE : Deuxième semaine de procès pour Sentsov et Kolchenko

Le 8 juillet 2015, au tribunal militaire de Rostov-sur-le-Don, les débats de l’ « affaire de Crimée » se sont ouverts. Oleg Sentsov et Alexandre Kolchenko, activistes ukrainiens arrêtés en Crimée en mai 2014 et détenus depuis en Russie, y sont jugés pour « préparation d’actes terroristes », « incendie criminel » et « appartenance [...]


Which issues for the Ukrainian conflit?

Warfare or peaceful negotiations? Isolation or integration? Conferences regarding numerous issues concerning Ukraine have been held during the past week in Kyiv and Slavyansk. On July 6, the forum Donbas Belongs to Ukraine: Agenda” met for the weekend in Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast, in Eastern Ukraine. Slavyansk was first city retaken by the Ukrainian forces from [...]


Who killed Major “Batman”?

By Pierre Sautreuil (Le Nouvel Observateur) A couple months ago, the French newspaper “l’Obs” met the pro-Russian separatist leader, Alexandr Bednov; also know by his nickname, “Batman”. Their investigation into his murder may reveal a huge influx of humanitarian aid, which could be traced back to Moscow. On January 1, in Moscow, Alexandr “Batman” Bednov [...]


Ukraine: “When God becomes the weapon”

Alexandra Novitchkova and Svitlana Valko have presented a report “When God Becomes the Weapon: Persecution Based on Religious Beliefs in the Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine” on the side-event of the OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting in Vienna (2-3 July 2015). The report has been prepared jointly by the Center for Civil Liberties (CCL) and International [...]


Lettre de revendications du Centre de libertés civiques

Le Centre des libertés civiques de Kiev a été fondé en 2007, suite aux évènements de Maïdan. Conjoint au mouvement spontané Euromaidan SOS –chargé de référencer les disparitions d’activistes Euromaidan, le CLC se bat aujourd’hui pour défendre les droits de l’homme et les libertés fondamentales. Après de nombreux rapports publiés dans le seul but de [...]



For immediate release February 20, 2015 Contact person: Nataliya Novyk 095 702 07 11, mefod@ukr.net PRESS RELEASE Crimes against humanity committed during Euromaidan in November 2013 – February 2014 led to at least 114 deaths, including 94 Euromaidan activists, imprisonment for different terms of at least several hundreds of people, physical injuries to over a [...]


Announcement presentation of the report of human rights organizations “The Price of Freedom” on crimes against humanity during Euromaidan (November 2013 – February 2014)

Kyiv, Ukraine – Presentation of the report of human rights organizations “The Price of Freedom” on crimes against humanity during Euromaidan (November 2013 – February 2014) will take place on Friday, February 20, from 1030 to 1230 at Hotel Ukraine (Instytutska Street 4, Mariyinska room) in commemoration of the anniversary of tragic events in Kyiv. [...]


Ukraine Parliament calls on the ICC to investigate in Crimea and the East

The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a resolution on 4 February recognising the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over international crimes committed in Ukraine since 20 February 2014. Our organisations welcome this declaration inviting the ICC to investigate and prosecute those responsible for international crimes, in particular in Crimea and the Donbass region. “Considering the [...]

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