OZON volunteers carry out objective, impartial monitoring of peaceful assemblies and court proceedings

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The OZON public monitoring group is an initiative of the Center for Civil Liberties, which carries out public monitoring of law enforcement agencies, courts, and local self-government in various regions of Ukraine.
The volunteer movement monitors the provision of freedom of peaceful assembly and the integrity of justice.

As part of the initiative, the Center for Civil Liberties has created a mechanism for public control of investigations into pressure and persecution of civil society representatives in Kyiv and the regions. Thanks to the program of work with volunteers and an established system of internships, OZON constantly involves young people, students, and other active citizens in projects. Volunteers take an active part in the organization of events and help with expertise.

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In 2019, we carried out

educational events

Of them, 21 – trainings and master classes, 9 – briefings, 2 – lectures

More than
100 monitorings

Of them, 34 are peaceful assemblages, 14 are court hearings in various high-profile cases, and more than 60 are hearings in Maіdan cases.

criminal case

Started as a result of the monitoring of a peaceful assembly


The most prolonged monitoring in the field continued with the participation of 40 volunteers.

OZON’s reports

There are reports on the results of monitoring by volunteers of the OZON public monitoring group for 2019-2022.

Who can join OZON?

Everyone can join the OZON community! Volunteers who took part in the first stage of training (informational meeting, introductory seminar, etc.) receive a practical task according to the monitoring object they have chosen. Completing the task involves observing, promptly filling out the questionnaire, and sending it to the Center for Civil Liberties.

In the case of a positive assessment by the experts regarding the completeness and correctness of filling out the questionnaire, the volunteers sign a declaration of principles, after which they receive a certificate and an observer’s vest from the Center for Civil Liberties. All volunteers who participated in the observations join the closed community mailing list, which serves as a communication platform for observers from different regions.

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