Euromaidan SOS

A grassroots initiative created in response to the violent dispersal of a peaceful student demonstration on Maidan Square, November 30, 2013 for providing legal and other assistance to persecuted protesters across Ukraine.

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The Euromaidan SOS initiative actively documented human rights violations during the protests, played an important role in establishing a legal network to assist illegally persecuted Euromaidan activists, and coordinated international solidarity actions in support of Ukrainian protesters in 2013-2014. With the end of the active phase of protests on the Maidan, the Euromaidan SOS initiative has begun monitoring human rights violations in the Crimea and Donbas.

Volunteer initiative work during the War

Volunteer initiative operation during the War
On 24th February 2022 in response to a Russian full-scale military invasion of Ukraine we resumed the operation of the Euromaidan SOS initiative. With hundreds of active supporters joining the initiative, we have build an open legal ecosystem, operating as a decentralized and self-organizing structure in a number of directions simultaneously.

We openly talk about our activities because it is IMPORTANT for us that anyone who is willing and able to, JOINs our effort. Regardless of where you are, in Ukraine or abroad.

If you have not yet joined the Euromaidan SOS initiative, but have the time and wish to help, please fill out this google form.

It’s precisely the effort of our volunteers that makes it possible for us to cover a large number of activities at the same time:
– operation of mobile groups in areas where war crimes are taking place for the purposes of data documentation and verification;
– advocacy of amendments to the new Governmental draft law aimed at harmonization of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with the international humanitarian and criminal law;
– preparation of 50-pages long report with the evidence from victims of war crimes we collected for submission to the Bureau of OSCE;
– direct consulting and answering questions via call-center, a joint effort with colleagues from Belarus;
– preparation and distribution of the memo for the victims of sexual violence among the legal representatives in Ukraine and abroad;
– cooperation with Russian human rights activists in an effort to return tens of thousands of illegally displaced people from Russia to Ukraine;
– promotion of a special tribunal concept and restoration of the hourly history of the war together with partners from the “Tribunal for Putin” global initiative ;
– creation of a database of illegal detentions and violent disappearances of activists in the occupied territories and submission of legal complaints to international bodies;
– constant communication with state and local self-government bodies, press, politicians and diplomats from different countries;
– creation of useful content for people during the war and distribution through our social media;
– coordination of actions with the Ukrainian diaspora, organizations and initiative groups abroad for campaigns and targeted advocacy campaigns aimed at governments of different countries and much, much more.
We thank all our volunteers and everyone who gave a hand and helps us to fight at our legal front! You make this all happen.
Ever since the full-scale invasion we had no time to describe our work in a more appropriate manner, so please bear with us as this is the first attempt to fill in this gap.
For more details please read publication by Ludmila Tyagnyryadno for

The case of the Maidan

Since 2014, Euromaidan SOS has been monitoring Maidan cases, criminal cases against perpetrators of violence, beatings, torture, abductions and killings of peaceful activists in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. The initiative has repeatedly appealed to the presidents of Ukraine, prosecutors general and other organizations, pointing to the sabotage of the investigation of these crimes. Since 2014, the initiative has organized and participated in dozens of peaceful protests demanding the creation of effective legal mechanisms for investigating Maidan cases.

Euromaidan SOS initiatives

Euromaidan SOS Volunteer Award

Every year on November 30, the Euromaidan SOS initiative celebrates “ordinary people who do extraordinary things.” The large-scale volunteer movement in Ukraine was a decisive response to new challenges during the Euromaidan, and later – in the fight against Russian armed aggression. The SOS Euromaidan Volunteer Award was established to express gratitude to the people who helped the country survive the most difficult times, as well as to promote and support the volunteer movement. Every year Euromaidan SOS awards more than 100 volunteers from all over Ukraine and abroad who work in various fields: helping the military and war victims, children, families of displaced persons, coordinating environmental, cultural and educational projects – the list of areas of volunteering is inexhaustible.