CCL and MFA of Ukraine are launching the campaign “Captured” to support Ukrainians captived by the Russian Federation

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the Center for Civil Liberties, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine are ready to launch the information campaign “Captured” dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers and prisoners of war abroad.

The team is confidentб that the Captured campaign will become the voice of those Russia keeps in its torture chambers and prisons. And it will also help to attract foreign partners to the exchange of prisoners.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Japarova emphasized that the protection of the rights of Ukrainian men and women is constantly the focus of the work of the state leadership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And the return of our prisoners of war, civilian and political prisoners is a priority task of the authorities.

The campaign’s goal is to enlist the support of civil society and the governments of other countries to act as a united front for the protection of Ukrainian prisoners. As part of the campaign, an online platform will be created with stories of prisoners and information about Russia’s violation of fundamental norms and principles of international humanitarian law and the rules of war.

Photo: Interfax Ukraine
Source: Interfax Ukraine

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