The Appeal to the Members of the European Parliament by the Families of the Prisoners of the Kremlin and the Euromaidan SOS Initiative, Which Conducts the LetMyPeopleGo Campaign to Release Them

The Appeal to the Members of the European Parliament by the Families of the Prisoners of the Kremlin and the Euromaidan SOS Initiative, Which Conducts the LetMyPeopleGo Campaign to Release Them

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We, members of families of the Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and the occupied Crimea and the Euromaidan SOS initiative, which conducts the LetMyPeolpeGo campaign to release them, appeal to you and hope to be heard.

We have been fighting for the liberation of Ukrainian citizens, who were jailed in Russia on trumped-up criminal charges, for 3 years. During this time their number is growing steadily, and now totals at least 44 people. Among them are the film director Oleg Sentsov, recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience, the human rights defender Emir Usein Kuku, the journalist Roman Sushchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ahtem Chiygoz and many others.

Anti-extremism and repressive anti-terrorism legislation of Russia provides ample opportunities in dealing with dissent. Technology of persecution is perfectly worked out. Immediately after the arrest an isolation policy is applied to the detained person. The Ukrainian Consul may not be allowed to visit the arrested for months. The independent counsel chosen the family may be wrongly denied access to the client. And the detained person may be applied torture to coerce confessions to crimes he or she did not commit. The forced incarceration of those arrested in the Crimea without a court order in the mental hospital for up to 28 days, where the interrogation continues in the absence of their lawyers, takes place.

This year the occupation authorities in the Crimea started demonstrative arresting lawyers of political prisoners and people who did the prison visits. This means that the barometer of freedom in the occupied Peninsula reached its critical point and requires immediate response from the international community.

In authoritarian Russia there is no fair justice. The only chance for our families to go home and stop the growth of political repression in the occupied Crimea is to increase international pressure on Russia, which demonstratively ignores the principles of international law.

Given the above, we appeal to you with request to include into the text of the resolution “Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and on the situation in Crimea” the following provisions:

1. To introduce a new type of the European Union sanctions against Russia for massive human rights violations in the occupied Crimea;

2. To appoint a special representative of the European Union on the occupied Crimea and Donbas for constant monitoring the situation of violation of human rights in the Ukrainian territories under the effective control of the Russian Federation;

3. To start anti-corruption investigation in the member countries of the European Union with the aim of identifying dirty money and political ties of the top management of the Russian Federation that conducts a deliberate policy of human rights violations to preserve the authoritarian regime;

4. To demand from the Russian Federation the unhindered access to the territory of the occupied Crimea for international intergovernmental organizations, particularly the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, the OSCE Human Rights Assessment Mission on Crimea, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, other conventional and institutional mechanisms of the Council of Europe, etc.;

5. To demand from the Russian Federation to stop the practice of political persecution and immediately to release Ukrainian citizens, political prisoners in Russia and occupied Crimea, and until that time, to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular freedom from torture, the right to an effective remedy, right to a fair trial, etc.;

6. To start constant monitoring of fabricated trials of the victims of political persecution in the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea and continue the practice of regular visits of the diplomats of Member States of the European Union in trials that take place in the Russian Federation;

7. To organize a mission with the involvement of independent medical experts to places of detention of citizens of Ukraine, who are prisoners for political reasons in the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea, to monitor the conditions of detention and state of health;

8. To create an operational working group to form a list of persons involved in the fabrication of criminal cases against the Ukrainian citizens, who are prisoners for political reasons in the Russian Federation and Crimea and introduce personal sanctions against them.

Natalia Kochneva, Oleg Sentsov’s cousin
Angela Sushchenko, Roman Sushchenko’s wife
Julia Sushchenko, Roman Sushchenko’s daughter
Oksana Zahtey, Andriy Zahtey’s wife
Tamara Klykh, Stanislav Klykh’s mother
Roman Klykh, Stanislav Klykh’s father
Gennady Afanasyev, who was released in 2016
Olga Afanaseva, Gennady Afanasyev’s mother
Igor Kotelyanets, Yegen Panov’s brother
Petro Dudka, Volodymyr Dudka’s brother
Marina Trofimenko, Volodymyr Dudka’s civil wife
Petro Vyhivsky, Valentin Vyhyvsky’s father
Galyna Vyhivska, Valentin Vyhivsky’s mother
Julia Shyptur, Mykola Shyptur’s wife
Olena Karpyuk, Mykola Karpyuk’s
Yuri Yatsenko, who was released in 2015

We, the undersigned, members of families of the Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, confirm mass violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, prosecution and other methods of pressure on dissidents, specified in the appeal to the European Parliament.

Larisa Kolchenko, Alexander Kolchenko’s mother
Elnara Chiygoz, Akhtem Chiygoz’s wife
Ilya Kavernikov, Volodymyr Dudka’s son
Margaryta Galushko, Volodymyr Dudka’s ex-wife
Oleksiy Styblikov, Dmytro Styblikov’s brother
Tatiana Boievets, Dmytro Styblikov’s daughter
Olena Kostenko, Alexander Kostenko’s ’s mother
Mavile Degermendgi, Mustafa Degermendgi’s sister
Elnara Asanova, Ali Asanov’s wife
Guzal Saledinova, Aider Saledinov’s wife
Mergem Zeitullaev, Ruslan Zeitullaev’s wife
Aliyeh Padosheva, Rustem Vaitov’s wife
Elzara Saifullaeva, Ferat Saifullaev’s wife
Raisa Primova, Yuri Primov’s mother
Merje Kuku, Emir Usein Kuku’s wife
Ebaser Kuku, Emir Usein Kuku’s brother
Aji-Mamutov Nadjie, Muslim Aliyev’s wife
Gulsum Aliyeva, Muslim Aliyev’s daughter
Nuri Aliyev, Muslim Aliyev’s father
Dilara Aliyeva, Muslim Aliyev’s mother
Amir Aliyev, Muslim Aliyev’s brother
Fevzi Aliyev, Muslim Aliyev’s uncle
Natalia, Bekirova, Inver Bekirov’s wife
Emine Lyumanova, Refat Alimov’s mother
Lenie Nazarbekova, Refat Alimov’s sister
Elvira Asanova, Refat Alimov’s sister
Anna Bagacheva, Vadim Siruk’s wife
Natalia Siruk, Vadim Siruk’s mother
Andrii Siruk, Vadim Siruk’s father
Victoria Suprunenko, Vadim Siruk’s sister
Vitaly Siruk, Vadim Siruk’s brother
Zarina Jepparova, Arsen Jepparov’s wife
Arzi Jepparova, Arsen Jepparova’s mother
Elvira Memetova, Remzi Memetov’s wife
Eskender Memetov, Remzi Memetov’s son
Dilyaver Memetov, Remzi Memetov’s son
Aliyeh Mamutova (Absalamova), Enver Mamutov’s wife
Zarema Mamutova, Enver Mamutov’s mother
Elzara Abiltarova, Rustem Abiltarov’s wife
Aishe Abiltarova, Rustem Abiltarov’s mother
Riza Abiltarov, Rustem Abiltarov’s sister
Ruslan Abiltarov, Rustem Abiltarov’s brother
Lenara Abiltarova, Rustem Abiltarov’s sister
Fatma Abseitova, Zevri Abseitov’s wife
Lina Jemadenova, Emil Jemadenov’s wife
Alime Abdullayeva, Teimuraz Rza-ogly Abdullayev’s wife
Fehra Abdullayeva, Uzair Rza-ogly Abdullayev’s wife
Fatma Ismailova, Rustem Ismailov’s wife
Emil Kurbedinov, a lawyer, subject to administrative detention
Seyran Saliev, three times subject to administrative responsibility, fines, and detention
Enver Sherfiev, subject to administrative responsibility, fine
Osman Belyalov, subject to administrative responsibility, fine
Emil Belyalov, subject to administrative responsibility, fine
Emin Belyalov, subject to administrative responsibility, fine
Marlen Asanov, subject to administrative responsibility, fine
Osman Arifmemetov, subject to administrative detention
Remzi Bekirov, subject to administrative detention
Ruslan Suleymanov, subject to administrative detention
Valery Grigor’, subject to administrative detention
Riza Izetov, subject to administrative detention
Ablyakim Abdurakhmanov, subject to administrative detention
Medjit Abdurakhmanov, subject to administrative detention
Alim Karimov, subject to administrative detention
Murtaza Seyran subject to administrative detention
Marlen Mustafaev, subject to administrative detention
Enver Tasinov, subject to administrative detention

For further information, please contact Euromaidan SOS at the campaign’s address:, +380674494839