Ukrainians are not ripe for reconciliation

This year Ukraine celebrates the Day of Reconciliation for the first time and memory in honor of all the victims of the Second World War. Are Ukrainians really come to terms,  “Gordon” asked the chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine, member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Iosifa Ziselsa.

The idea of ​​reconciliation is popular at any time, but it can not be used in any situation to any two people, because in the conflict, which stretches since World War II, in fact, there are several dimensions.

Besides the Soviet-German, on the other hand – the French-English-German, even on our side had several dimensions: the Polish-German, Polish-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-German, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian, even participated in the Carpathians in the battles with the UPA. There are a number of measurements, and most importantly – the Ukrainian-Soviet.

For example, I know of a case in 1962, when two Ukrainian women who were connected in the UPA, were shot in the bunker in the Ternopil region of the soldiers. In 1962, the year!

If we talk about today’s reconciliation, it is, on the one hand, civilization, because the Ukrainians decided that enough they have to live in the empire with the Eurasian civilization, and want to try the life of the European and then compared in 300 years, in which one It was better. On the other hand, this reconciliation is artificially caused by Russian aggression.

I do not think that we are ripe for reconciliation because the still very many forces did not satisfy his ambitions. If we talk about the dimensions that were during the Second World War, for them, of course, it has come, because we see a lot of progress on the line of Ukrainian-Polish reconciliation.

But it is not yet complete, as some Poles, for example, reacted nervously to the laws that have been adopted for the rehabilitation of UPA and other Ukrainian national organizations. This is a complex mishmash in which you need to understand. Find out about what exactly we are talking reconciliation. Young did not have these conflicts.

In Spain, where the civil war was prolonged, the family is still remembered, who had fought on which side. And this is not some kind of soft and hard memories. This is despite the fact that Franco (Spanish dictator Francisco Franco) has long put a monument to reconciliation for victims of the war on both sides.

In the southern states of the USA, despite the fact that since the civil war took place 150 years, also kept ancestral memory as to who fought for the North, and who – for the south. Although they live like the well, and the states do not fight each other, except that there is some confrontation during the election – more than one vote for Republicans, others – for the Democrats.

The issue of reconciliation is not so simple. Perhaps reconciliation at the level of Heads of State. Yushchenko (the third president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko), for example, has done a lot for this. But at the level of ordinary people a reconciliation does not take place so quickly.

In sociology, we see that in the last year the attitude of Ukrainians to the Poles has improved significantly, because millions of Ukrainians saw that the Poles actually help Ukraine in this complicated conflict. And as the Russian government not only did not help – she was the aggressor.

Veterans reluctance to shake hands says that a new conflict was superimposed on the old and on the contrary, it has strengthened rather than weakened.

Two of civilization people can live in peace, and they are in general, they lived more or less peacefully, despite the tension between the state structures, as long as there was no interference in each other’s identity. As soon as the intervention in the identity of other people, there is a huge energy instantly resistance.

Yet another dimension – the dimension of the Maidan – was for me as a reaction to a very significant part of Ukrainian society to try Yanukovych (fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych) and all his clique to bring us back to a state of the Eurasian identity, which we already do not want to be at as most of us.

This applies to the Donbas. This region has a different identity, and perhaps he did not want to live in a European way. If we are forced to compel him to do so, we get back the same great resistance power.

Decentralization is relevant if load it humanitarian, economic, financial and other aspects. Groisman (Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman) said several times that it is necessary to take into account the humanitarian aspect in decentralization. Historically. If we do not consider this aspect, it means that we do not spend real decentralization, it would be somewhat artificial.

Donbass within Ukraine should develop as he understands it in his own way. And the overall rate of the State of Ukraine, if it still exists, together with the Crimea and Donbas on the road to Europe must be sufficiently slow so as not to lose the regions that do not want to move in this direction. We need to talk, to explain, to try to continue to implement the values ​​that have more in Ukrainian society.

Sourse, 08/05/2015

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