Congratulations Ukrainian Helsinki Group on the 40th anniversary

In 2016, Ukrainian Helsinki Group celebrates its 40th anniversary. Russian human rights activist and one of the founders of the Moscow Helsinki Group, and now its president Lyudmila Alexeyeva in his welcome video message, recalled the conditions of creation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and tells interesting details appearance UHG.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva: I congratulate the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, with its remarkable anniversary – the 40th anniversary. This is a truly heroic fortieth anniversary because it was heroic of its creation. We all know that in Ukraine the persecution of dissent more severe than in any of the Soviet republics. Apparently, the Soviet leaders were most afraid of in this respect, namely Ukraine. And so it is particularly fiercely persecuted all forms of dissent. We knew this in Moscow, because in the vast majority of the political camps were just Ukrainians. And, nevertheless, Ukraine was the first of the Soviet republics, which created its own Helsinki Group.

Somewhere at the end of October in Moscow came to the famous Ukrainian writer Mykola Rudenko. He came to the founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group Yuriyu Orlovu and began to tell him that he intended to create in Ukraine Ukrainian Helsinki Group, which will protect the civil rights of Ukrainians. I was fortunate enough to witness this conversation.

Yuri Orlov, knowing the situation in Ukraine, Rudenko began to speak, which may not need to create their own Ukrainian group, you pass us all the materials on violation of rights of Ukrainians, and we promise to treat them. Why did he say that? He knew that, and Rudenko, and all those who agree to enter the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, wear the crown, not only the hero, but also the martyr’s crown. Most of those who have agreed, have been in the political camps. Re-election, which they threatened to – it is up to 15 years. And they knew it well.

But Nicholas said, “No. We decided to start a band. ” And November 9, 1976 Rudenko arrived in Moscow for a list of members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group. We held a press conference to announce its creation. Why this was done in Moscow? Because the Moscow Helsinki Group several times to collect such a press conference. We invited them both Soviet and foreign correspondents. But no Soviet correspondent never came to our press conference.

Such a press conference then it could only be carried out in Moscow, because the foreign correspondents were then only in Moscow. And so Rudenko arrived in Moscow. We have pre-prepared documents. And emphasizes the danger of such operations in Ukraine, calling on journalists and the world pay special attention to it, because it will face hard test. Unfortunately, we were not mistaken. And so it was.

From the very beginning, it was a tough confrontation, and very soon the members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, were in captivity. So it’s fair to President Yushchenko awarded the surviving members of the group before the Order of Courage. Unfortunately, not all lived up to it. Many – Aleksey Tihy, Yuriy Lytvyn, Valeriy Marchenko, Vasiliy Stus and died in custody. Now activity Ukrainian Helsinki Group continues Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, and members of this movement have a lot more.

Sourse, 08/11/2016