Help with the search for people

The Center for Civil Liberties, together with its partners, implements a number of projects created to help our citizens find relatives/acquaintances.

PROBONO.HELP is a free information contact center that helps victims who are both in the war zone in Ukraine and outside the country.

Euromaidan SOS, the Center for Civil Liberties together with PROBONO.BY (Belarus) launched a contact center to help victims who are in the war zone in Ukraine, as well as those who have moved beyond its borders – PROBONO.HELP

How to contact PROBONO.HELP
Hotline number: +38 044 300 28 48 (free of charge)
Website: https://ua.probono.help/
Telegram bot https://t.me/EvromaidanSOS_bot
Viber bot: http://tinyurl.com/2p8pna8j
Search for prisoners/unlawful detainees
If you witnessed the detention of a person, or have any other information about the detention of a military or civilian person, fill out the form https://bit.ly/37CJQcU

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