Serhii Stroyev

DJ, fitness trainer. Kovsharivka, Kharkiv region

A resident of Kovsharivka, Kharkiv region, 32-year-old Serhii Stroyev was abducted by Russian troops on April 28, 2022. Serhii was leaving his home when masked men with machine guns grabbed him, broke his arms, and searched his apartment. After a while, Serhii was taken out, shoved into a car with the letter «Z«, and taken to an unknown location. On March 1, 2022, Serhii took part in a protest against the occupation authorities, filming a video and posting it on Instagram. Later, his video was shown on a French TV channel. According to local residents, the Russian military persecuted people for their pro-Ukrainian sentiments, torturing some in basements. Since April 28, 2022, there has been no information about Serhii’s location.

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