Bohdan Shcherba, Ramiz Musaiev, Roman Kisil

Locksmith-mechanic, locksmith-mechanic, fish smokehouse. Lubianka, Kyiv region

On February 26, 2022, Bohdan Shcherba, Ramiz Musayez, and Roman Kisil drove from Lubianka (a village near Bucha) to the neighboring village of Ozero. On the way, they were stopped by the Russian military, and were transported to a bunker at the Antonov airfield in Hostomel. Bohdan’s wife recognized him and Roman in a video of Ukrainian prisoners in Hostomel released by a Russian TV channel in March. Two weeks later, a colleague of Bohdan’s found his car abandoned on the road, with the doors and trunk open and no license plates. Bohdan, Ramiz, and Roman were taken into Russian territory. Former cellmates reported that in mid-April 2022, Bohdan, Ramiz, and Roman were transferred to the women’s penal colony number 11 in the Kursk region. Later, the men were separated and transferred to unknown penitentiary institutions.

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