Winning of Nadia Savchenko

I always knew that hope will change here so unexpectedly, as they say, “no ads”.

And always I know that she will return to Ukraine through the “pardon”. Kremlin authorities, which constantly violates the law, in public history likes everything to be as it were, under the law. The last two months we constantly heard very conflicting information: “Nadezhda Savchenko filled documents on extradition”, “handed them over to the Russian Ministry of Justice,” “Hope Savchenko change for Alexander and Yerofeyev,” “Hope Savchenko not change at Alexander and Yerofeyev,” “Hope will not file a petition for a pardon “,” Savchenko will return to Ukraine in late May “,” Savchenko will be back in a few months “, etc., etc.

But in reality, everything turned out the way, and said at the beginning: Savchenko still changed to Russian gereushnikov.

Those who saw the broadcast of its meeting in Boryspil airport, her performance with Petro Poroshenko in the Ukrainian presidential administration, those who saw the return of Alexander and Yerofeyev, whose Vnukovo met only their wives know how triumphantly met with Savchenko and how shamefully modest We commented on Russian TV channels meet our troops, avoiding mention of the fact that they served in the GRU, and shamefully forgotten the purpose for which they were in the east of Ukraine.

It is clear that President Poroshenko is a big public relations victory, because after the judgment of the court of Donetsk Savchenko, he promised his mother that he would send for her daughter, his plane – and succeeded.

The history of the struggle for the liberation of Hope Savchenko, public letters and petitions on her behalf when she announced fatal hunger strike, have taught us that President Putin does not give in to pressure, he always does just what is profitable for him. The most important question to which there is no answer why he did let Savchenko in Ukraine? It is said that he had to pull their children – gereushnikov. If this were true, we would have heard different pompous mantra that “Russia is its never throws and always pull them.” Nothing that we do not talk.

Hence, it is not that because of this exchange of Russian soldiers returned home. Then what? It is known that on the eve of the exchange, President Putin spoke by telephone with Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and Fransua Ollandom. The details of the conversation, we do not know. It is known that Savchenko categorically refused to write a petition for clemency to the Kremlin and urgently had to issue clemency petition by relatives of the deceased journalists, she was allegedly to blame for the death of someone. Conclusion: the liberation of the Kremlin Ukrainian pilots were desperately needed.

And for some of his secret purpose, which we can only guess, Putin was ready to endure and the Arc meeting in Kiev, Poroshenko and statements that “it will return the Crimea and the Donbass.”

There is a version that Putin returned Savchenko to complicate the life of Petro Poroshenko. Trust to Savchenko and authority in Ukraine is very high, can not be said about the attitude to the Ukrainian president. But this is only version, which has a right to exist, as well as another: freeing the Ukrainian political prisoners convicted in Russia, Putin hopes for easing of European sanctions. There is a third: in exchange for Savchenko President Poroshenko promised Putin that agree to elections in DND and LNR. Which of these versions is correct and that in fact prompted Putin to show “humanism,” I still do not understand.

The second question, which also is no answer: how quickly will release the other Ukrainians, and to whom they will be changed.

From 2 May to Lefortovo prison waiting for the release of former director of the factory “Banner” in Poltava 74-year-old Yuri Soloshenko, convicted of espionage in favor of Ukraine, and involved in the case Olega Sentsova Gennady Afanasiev. Both they wrote a petition for clemency to the Russian president.

Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kol’chenko await extradition to Ukraine, they do not want to ask for pardon, and yet them about it nobody asked. In the Kirov region serving time Valentin Vygovskyy convicted of espionage; waiting for the appeal Sergei Litvinov, sentenced to 8 years for robbery in the “large Ukrainian business”, which took place and Nadezhda Savchenko.

In the Magadan region sits fourth person involved in the case Sentsova – Aleksey Chirny.

Tomorrow the judge will sentence Nikolayu Karpyuku and Stanislav Klyhu. All these Ukrainians – persons involved in fraudulent and artificial criminal cases. They are the same criminals in the eyes of the Russian justice and the Kremlin, like Nadezhda Savchenko.

And now, after her release, there is a danger that they have been forgotten and their return home will be neither Ukraine nor for the West as a priority, how was the release Savchenko.

In general, throughout this two-year long history Savchenko certainly looks like a winner. This fight is won.

But that victory was final, it should pull out of Russia and repatriate all convicted Ukrainians.

She has no other choice.

Author: Zoya Svetova, journalist, member of the PMC in Moscow, winner of the Moscow Helsinki Group in the field of protection of human rights

Sourse, 25/05/2016

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