Why “Savchenko law” did not need

“Savchenko Law” in Ukraine was canceled because it was no longer necessary. Prisoners who could list the period they were released or left to sit much less.

This edition Gazeta.ua said May 21 Evgeniy Zaharov, a board member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the head of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group.

“Law Savchenko” long wanted to cancel. And it happened. He played a role. It was difficult to differentiate for whom he acted. Therefore, it is easier to cancel than to change it for something. Everyone who could be counted period, then they have listed. Someone ended term of imprisonment or decreased significantly. For its abolition outweighed the negative attitude in the society to the fact that the release of prisoners, and the appearance of rejection Hope Savchenko. “

The law does not provide clear guidance on how to act with people who put life:.. “Do not take into account only the situation with the prisoners, which condemned the life one listed, while others refused because they thought that they are the law does not apply was discussion on about it. In the framework of “law Savchenko” would replace a life sentence for a specific sentence. But with the abolition of the law of the matter was dropped. “

In general, “the law Savchenko” had more positive than negative: “The law reduces the time of those who were in remand prisons with appalling conditions also for those who are convicted of the Code, which was in force until November 2012. Then it was possible to send the case to the.. . for further investigation and the suspect remained in jail for 7-10 years in pretrial detention were men 3-4 times more than the intended place of some forced to sleep in the same bed or in turn, poorly fed These conditions -.. Therefore, for the torture. “Savchenko law” be considered the year in Jail in prison was just over 2 years.

Now there are prisoners who have been tried under the old Code, the nearly empty prison. The conditions in the prison became a little better, though, if only because there is no overcrowding. The new code can be kept in the remand prison of the people can be punished at least 5 years imprisonment.

Negativity of the law there were some prisoners who were sitting at a fairly violent crimes and came much earlier on will than need. Some of them commit crimes again, but it’s not the fault of the law. “

Recall May 18 the Verkhovna Rada has supported the abolition of the so-called “Savchenko law.” He acted with the December 24, 2015. Terrible condition of detention centers and the conditions in which people with respect to which there is a consequence and court, have become the main motive for the adoption of this law. During the operation of the law 10.2 thousand. Inmates released early. Of these, 1.5 thousand. Went back under arrest and trial. We predicted that under this law, to freedom had to get another 34 thousand. Prisoners.

Sourse, 21/05/2017

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