The case of Svetlana Davydova – demonstration of discourage for others

Ukrainian human rights activists told what position should take in Ukraine Svetlana Davydova – to advocate or to stay away, to do no harm.

Human rights activists consider the matter revealing a large Russian Svetlana Davydova, which is already the second week contained in the Lefortovo prison in Moscow on charges of treason and espionage in favor of Ukraine. According to human rights, the way Russian society react to this case and react to the fate of a large compatriot, demonstrate their attitude to human values.

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Interviewees ” Glavred ” experts believe that the case Davydova will be used to intimidate the other human rights defenders and activists who in one way or another expressed support for Ukraine, that is, as a demonstration case – “in order to discourage others were.”

In addition, human rights activists are hoping for active protection Svetlana Davydova international community as Ukraine, in their opinion, it is better to stay away, so as not to harm the case and does not give rise to Russian propagandists claim that Davydov’s still connected with Ukraine, because Ukraine is actively serves its protection.

Lawyer and human rights activist Tatiana Yablonsky:

The Russian government will use anything to show that Russia is not involved in a war in Ukraine, including such matters. This – the weaker party’s position: a woman used for such purposes. This shows the weakness of Putin, who can not find even think of to deny its attack on Ukraine.

This case was initiated in order to intimidate others, so they would nepovadno. And so a significant number of Russians nezazombirovannyh afraid to speak their mind, the same is happening in Belarus.

There is one interesting example: against Khrushchev at the Twentieth Party Congress, even when there was a cult of Stalin’s personality, someone from the audience shouted: “Where were you, why are you silent?”. And Khrushchev said, “Who Raise your hand who said it?”. And no one raised. Then he said: “That’s what I was in the same place and you.”

In this case, we need a “third party” that is watching what is happening and understand these processes. Best of all the horror of such things happening and understand the countries of the former Soviet Union. And those who live on, and the more free, who did not survive the Soviet terror – they do not understand. I believe that Ukraine should not intervene in the case Davydova, because if it intervenes, it will be said that this – pre-planned action. Although it expects to Putin’s regime. Many people in Russia understand what is happening, but are afraid to say out loud their thoughts. Ukraine should have its own position on this matter, but did not intervene, otherwise the Russians will argue, they say, you see, it was their agents. Because in Davydova protection should act “third party” – the international community.

Member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the head of the Board of Education of Human Rights House in Chernigov Sergei Burov:

The case Svetlany Davydovoy – demonstration to discourage others were. In addition, there have been several similar attacks on Russian human rights defenders and activists. In this situation, the international community and international organizations should react.

Ukraine should advocate Davydova, but carefully so as not to hurt. In any case, on this matter the position we should be. But most are now dependent on other countries, activists, as in Ukraine appears as one of the reasons for the arrest of the person. It concerns the freedom of expression and human rights. Wrong for that imprison the mother of many children. Although, in fact, it is not so important how many children she had.

It’s just awful. This is an abnormal phenomenon, which emphasizes the policy in the modern Russian state, which has been going on quite openly, and this is a serious attack on human rights activists and to just shut their mouths.

The can end this thing? It is difficult to predict. But his final, one way or another, will depend on how active will the international community as an essential support to the different countries. Now very important solidarity support.

Senior Researcher, Institute of State and Law. V.Koretskogo NAS lawyer Nicholas Siry:

From a legal point of view, this case – is absurd. And from a political point of view, it is an extreme form of political absurdity. Regarding the possibility of the person charged, allegedly revealing some state secret, then such an approach can only be applied in relation to a person who has access to this secret. And Ukrainian and Russian law, and according to the laws of all civilized countries, a common ordinary citizen has no access to state secrets. That is, Russia has once again demonstrated its disrespect for democratic freedoms. It applies any methods to intimidate its citizens to Russian society switched to an aggressive war mode – war with the democratic world.

This is the case, which is decisive for democratic values. Both Ukraine and any other democratic country, are obliged to declare aloud its firm position regarding the inadmissibility of persecution of citizens for such actions. In this case it is the manifestation of citizenship – the intention to woman, mother of seven children, in their understanding to protect their children. In this case, the woman took a step to stop the aggression, to Russian soldiers remained on the territory of Russia and carried out their military duty.

So it’s a very significant thing. It was well-known Russian Magnitsky case, which was a landmark and has been at the center of international politics. I think that the case Svetlany Davydovoy will not lower the level of significant. But, first of all, the case should be the focus of Russian society. If Russian society does not respond, it will thus demonstrate its disregard for the universal values.

Given that the legal basis for attracting Davydova to criminal or administrative liability no, the Kremlin will play for time, to create artificial evidence will fill the information space of some non-existent connections of the woman that supposedly she was once someone had any -That contacts, and maybe these people were related to military service. That is most likely the case will be primarily used for Russian military propaganda.

Sourse, 03/02/2015

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