We resumed work on Euromaidan SOS

On the first day of the war, we resumed work on Euromaidan SOS, and only now have we found the time to write about what we are doing. Volunteers of the initiative work in different areas:

📍We maintain a database of initiatives across the country that covers evacuation / defense / assistance / informing, and other needs. We also keep in touch with people in reference to these needs. There are a lot of requests, so we created a special chatbot, here are the details.

📍We are documenting war crimes and are now collecting video evidence of intentional attacks on civilian objects and civilians. Separately, in cooperation with government agencies we began the creation of a database of prisoners and missing in action.

📍We are actively working in the international arena through our diaspora, international human rights networks, partners and friends around the world. We are constantly conducting campaigns, among them are Close the sky and SWIFT, and we are starting a new one on the humanitarian corridors.

📍Our Facebook and Twitter are sharing useful information 24 hours a day. On YouTube, we publish materials in different languages. There is a whole group of volunteers who provide translations, and specialists who tirelessly work on video editing.Euromaidan SOS is a self-organized initiative, so everything mentioned above is invented, planned and executed by a group of fantastic people. I will not tag anyone, you understand why. But each of us, in accordance with our skills and experience, is now fully invested in our common victory.

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