A German artist presented a series of paintings about Ukrainian resilience and resistance in Vienna. Roman Nekoliak made a speech to the guests of the exhibition

After the full-scale invasion, German artist and playwright Albrecht Behmel decided to convey his vision of the Ukrainian people and their resistance to aggression. Albrecht presented a series of five large paintings about the ongoing war in Ukraine, which he toured in Germany and presented in Vienna on January 18. Roman Nekoliak, coordinator of international cooperation at the Center for Civil Liberties, made a speech to the guests of the exhibition. 

This project is a small non-commercial contribution to cultural reconstruction, a sign of hope for cooperation and integration of Ukraine into the EU. The paintings are particularly dedicated to the symbolic relevance of the war not only for Ukraine, but for our European community. 

Each of the presented artworks traveled through many European cities to draw attention to the current situation in Ukraine and the consequences of the war. The exhibition began in Saarland, followed by Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and other cities, and at the end of the year the paintings will be brought to Ukraine to be presented to their main recipient: Ukrainian people.

You can get acquainted with Albrecht Behmel’s works by following the link

«I am not an art critic. However, I know for sure and have experienced the power of art to help us rise above everyday reality. Even on the darkest days, art gives people hope and strength to move forward. Art therapy helps to cope with trauma, prevent, cure and mitigate post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers, civilians and children. Such exhibitions are a unique opportunity to familiarize the European community with the situation in Ukraine. Their awareness is important, because Ukraine is fighting not only for its sovereignty and independence, but also for the democratic values of the Western world», – addressed the guests of the exhibition Roman Nekoliak, coordinator of international cooperation at the Center for Civil Liberties.

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