Norwegian Helsinki committee chose Oleksandra Matviychuk one of the 14!

Today the Norwegian Helsinki committee starts a campaign dedicated to our 40th anniversary. We wish to acquaint our fellow Norwegians with fourteen outstanding European human rights defenders, whom we humbly can call our colleagues. We are grateful to know and work with these people throughout the years. Remarkably brave, principled, often simply visionary, they are truly at the forefront of human rights work in their respective countries. We start the campaign with a Ukrainian Olexandra Matviychuk. Massive amounts of virtual ink has been spilled to describe Oleksandra and her role in Euromaidan. To avoid, platitudes, I personally can only say that in the last five plus years we have been acquainted, my respect for her has grown in geometric progression. A more inspiring person is difficult to imagine. Thank you, Oleksandra, for who you are and the work you do.