The Center for Civil Liberties coordinates the following initiatives:

The Civil Monitoring Group “OZON” is a voluntary association of active citizens, who exercise a civil control over law enforcement organs, courts and organs of local self-government. Impersonal and impartial monitoring of legal proceedings in different regions of Ukraine, recording of the system breaches of the national legislation and international human rights standards, making and promoting recommendations for the purpose of solving system problems that were previously found, – are the priority tasks of the OZON. OZON activists conducted monitoring of the peaceful assemblies and court sessions during the Euromaidan, and now they continue to examine the investigations and court sessions concerning these cases. From the beginning of the military conflict in the east of Ukraine OZON activists started monitoring open court sessions regarding accusations of “separatism” to see if they met the standards of fair justice system.

Civil initiative Euromaidan SOS is a self-organized group of activists who deal with human rights, activists of the civil society, lawyers, journalists and other concerned people of different professions. It was established in response to the unlawful actions of the authorities concerning breaking up of the peaceful demonstration on the night of 29 November, 2013 on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The main objectives of the Euromaidan-SOS initiatives became: prompt provision of legal assistance to affected Euromaidan participants in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, collection and analysis of the data for protecting peaceful participants of the protest, and providing interim evaluation of the development of the situation. For now, facts that were recorded within the framework of the Initiative during the events on the Maidan constitute a basis for the reference to the International Criminal Court to prove the unlawfulness of the authority actions during the peaceful demonstration on the Maidan. Now, volunteers of the initiative record human rights violations in the Crimea and war crimes in the east of Ukraine.

«Human Rights Agenda» Platform is a non-formal coalition of human rights organizations working in the field of monitoring, analysis and development of the legislation according to the main principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Members of the Platform are: Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, Center for Civil Liberties, Amnesty International Ukraine, Human Rights Information Center, Centre of Law Enforcement Activities Research, Human Rights House Kyiv, The Civil Action Center, Project “No Borders”, Euromaidan SOS. Besides the abovementioned, in a group regarding human rights on the occupied and uncontrollable territories, and internally displaced persons work the following organizations: Center for Civic Education “Almenda”, Regional Human Rights Center, Luhansk Regional Human Rights Center “Alternative” etc. This platform focuses its attention on a reform of law enforcement organs, court and public prosecutor’s office in accordance with international standards in a field of human rights.

LetMyPeopleGo campaign, launched in Kiev in 2015 by Euromaidan SOS, monitors the cases of politically motivated prosecutions of Ukrainian citizens by the Russian authorities and strives to ensure the observance of the right to diplomatic and legal assistance and freedom from torture. To legitimise the annexation of Crimea and the Russian army’s continued participation in armed conflict in the Donbas, the authorities promote propaganda portraying the people of Ukraine as a dangerous enemy; one of their tactics has been to convict Ukrainians on fabricated charges of ‘genocide’, ‘mass murder’, ‘terrorism’ and ‘espionage’. Known as the Kremlin Hostages, there are currently 14 Ukrainians behind bars in Russia and 15 in Russian-occupied Crimea serving sentences of up to 22.5 years. Some were abducted, most were denied legal and medical rights and the overwhelming majority were tortured. Thanks to the efforts of prisoners’ relatives and lawyers, LetMyPeopleGo partners, Ukrainian authorities and the international community, 5 have been released.