What happens to the current world?

Offered to your attention in the translation of an article Miroslav Marynovych, Ukrainian human rights activist, journalist, religious studies, a founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, the organizer of amnisterskogo movement in Ukraine, vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (from Wikipedia) , and – a deep thinker, it was written and published on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. Therefore, there is no reflection on the fact demonstrative presence on the anniversary military parade in Kiev, near the Polish President Poroshenko Andzheya Dudy. But this detail does not detract from, but only emphasizes the meaning and value of research by the author of the current state of affairs in the world. His conclusions about the prospects of our world.

Miroslav Marinović:

Each time, I no longer understand this world, and therefore I do not know what to say about it. It would be necessary to remain silent at this time, but for Ukraine neuralgic decision of the Polish Sejm makes to understand at least for myself what was going on.

Important conclusions regarding Poland have already been made by others: the end of the “honeymoon”. Exhaustion Giedroyc paradigm. “The hand of Moscow”. The political game of local elites. All so – but why? Why this did not happen until a few years ago? And why one after another “go crazy” other countries?

And here comes to mind generalizing conclusion: not only limited to the paradigm Giedroyc – limited to a broader paradigm, which is still functioning world. Belief in the efficacy of the former modus vivendi is in decline, and the formula of the new faith had not yet ripened.

Pandora’s box was opened, of course, Putin. His team seems to have realized that if the event will roll by gravity, the Russian in a few years – the end. She will fall under its own weight. In addition, the Kremlin instinctively: every rise in Kiev automatically means a decline of Moscow. Therefore, the salvation of the Putin regime – is to “turn the chessboard” in general.

The mass exodus of refugees, masterfully directed at Europe, caused volcanic awakening of national self-interest. A number of the nations came to the conclusion (right or wrong – it’s not about this), that if they would obey blindly to Brussels, it will harm its national interests. The idea of ​​collective protection cracked by passing the cracks need for national self-defense.

Cracks have gone further. First Holland in their referendum voted not only against Ukraine, but against Brussels. And then the United Kingdom through its famous Brexit decided that it is better to take care of their own interests than to continue to trust in the Brussels version of the joint coordination of interests.

In Turkey, Erdogan breaks the backbone of the historical and almost sacred “paradigm of Ataturk” with the special role of the army, which was still the guarantor of the secular state. And even in America Trump at each of its pre-election speech, too, “he overturns the chessboard”, destroying all possible taboos American political correctness, which seemed eternal – and it looks like this style of rebellion against the established canons prefer a huge number of Americans.

Finally Poland “Volyn” decision of his Seimas zamanifestila that “the era of Giedroyc”, that is (in this case) safety from Russia through cooperation with potential allies in the East, no longer meet the political moment. Poland has achieved security by joining NATO and the EU has gained significant strength, entered the club of the strongest European partners, so its current ruling elite wants to be a player who will dictate the terms of the weakest. The doctrine of the “national shame”, which Poland is partly recognized the shortcomings of its long-standing policy towards national minorities, this objective, according to a new elite contrary.

Throughout the world, the liberal-democratic forces and security formula formulas give way to a nationalist-authoritarian. The central thesis of “positive-sum game” – namely, the cooperation benefits all participants – has ceased to be an axiom: it is now necessary to prove again. Meanwhile, all the players, with special pleasure being developed in the already half-forgotten, but in a fresh attractive rules “zero sum game”: take care of their own interests, and problems of others – it is their problem.

The trouble is not that faith is exhausted in the Brussels bureaucracy – it is the bureaucracy, has long deserved a good thrashing. And the Americans are unlikely to knowingly angry at Washington bureaucracy. That there is a crisis, as always, can be the basis for reaching a new stage of development. The only trouble is that in today’s globalized world, every sharp turn away from the principle of “value added” to the principle of “zero-sum” threatens war of all against all that is in the end – the next world war. After all, the gambling over the European game in national egoism in the middle of the twentieth century, is well known.

Peoples long repeated slogan: “Never again!” – So long that it pall. And now, it seems, wanted slogans, just the opposite: “Now – and immediately.”

Therefore, the list of world events that illustrate the violation of a taboo earlier, will still probably continue. After violation of a taboo not only sweet – it’s contagious. Those who violated it, there is a feeling of luxury subjectivity: “Now I’ll steer the parade!”. And those who are on the violation of a taboo is not yet decided, there is fear that the time of “dividing the pie,” he can not make it.

What happens next, is evident from the ritual dance of so-called primitive tribes, which reflects the consequences of violating a taboo: the competition is increasing in geometric progression, the movement “dancers” are becoming more aggressive hostility of “all against all” captivates the minds and souls, and at the end of discharge comprehensive violence.

Truly, Jesus was able to save the world, it must put itself on the brink of disaster …

What is the role of the reconstruction of Ukrainian euromaidan? After all, Putin “threw the chess board” is not nothing else to do, and at the time of an acute threat to him, when the Ukrainian Maidan won. Philosophically, the Maidan was the apotheosis of the National Accord of Ukrainians by overcoming former linguistic, religious and regional conflicts. All their old logic of “zero-sum” absorbed “zero tolerance” for Yanukovych (and even more so – to Putin at the beginning of its aggression). Therefore, the rest showed incredible for Ukraine’s cooperation by the formula “value added”, or “positive sum”.

Maidan was the apotheosis of the European idea: to overcome conflicts through cooperation. No wonder Adam Michnik called euromaidan “the greatest moment of the manifestation of meaning of European values.” It was a victory Incredible classical values ​​- love, sacrifice, commitment to justice and readiness to support the weak. It was unbearable for the “collective Putin”, which has engaged in the response, on the contrary, all the devilish hatred, lies, aggression, arrogance, deceit. All two-plus years, he tries to prove that his line of disregard for conventional taboos and will eventually be successfully inspired idealism Maidan.

Therefore, the application for other principles of being, on the other modus vivendi, first made in November 2013 was Ukrainian Maidan. This was the sign the application “plus”: Maidan rejected the veil behind which we see the world of love and sacrifice. However, this world is mortally dangerous for the universal evil, but because it must immediately launch a counterattack. His chosen one was the Putin regime, and that he made an alternative claim to another modus vivendi – with the sign “minus”.

For a long time freed from communist Eastern Europe only in repeated imitative model grown in Latin, Catholic, Protestant, and now – an increasingly post-Christian European culture. His own voice was not Eastern Europe.

Today, from her come two proposals for peace. Chronologically, the first sentence was “Maidan”, Ukrainian: to approve the Europe of values, return to value the foundations of Europe. The second was a proposal to Putin: discard the values ​​referred to as outdated. That is, to destroy the old European rules “of the game in added value” and fight through free national egoism (free “zero sum game”) to identify strengths and together with them once again reformat the world.

Ukraine does not have enough sequence of its application has been spectacular, but fragile. To fight for the values ​​was easier than to live in accordance with them. At present, the majority of Ukrainians themselves lost faith in those values, which has declared the Maidan, and hence in the eyes of Europe’s rush to Maidan new modus vivendi looks like a false start.

But Putin’s regime, on the contrary, shows a remarkable consistency in the approval of his application. He, as we see, a lot is possible, and he discovered “Pandora’s box” seems bottomless. Evil becomes contagious, and the old fortress of European civilization are falling one after another.

Which model will win? What awaits us in the future?

I’m looking for a providential meaning in a number of contradictory facts:

– Why Ukrainians tend to the European Union, while other of it already intend to take off? What is it: a strange anachronism or eternal Ukrainian late to polfazy?

– Why is Ukraine not only take in the EU, but also impressively shoves him as a foreign body?

– Why is your goal – to prevent the Ukraine to Europe – Putin has made, despite the apparent scandal of their actions?

In other words, a providential sense that Ukraine is in the grip between the Russian “coercion to love” and European Ukraine fatigue – tired of unintelligible and uninteresting because Ukraine?

My answer to someone may sound surprising since both alternative routes do not meet the latest destination of Ukraine. Antitsivilizatsiyu retraction in the “Russian world” is fatal for us – it’s more or less obvious. Therefore, pro-European aspiration of Ukraine is an important safeguard against this danger. In turn, the reluctance of Europe Ukraine saves us from complete dissolution in a well-structured Latin world, as today’s Ukraine – a semi-finished product, only the raw material, which can mature a new alternative.

Membership of Ukraine to Europe is obvious, however, this model supplies still need to be clarified. Premature entry into the EU’s current amorphous immature Ukraine would not contribute to the assertion of its subjectivity, because the European Union – an association of not altruists, as expressed by the pragmatists, who have learned to take care of their interests. Also to be clarified the concept of “Europe” itself, to which we aspire.

Present Europe is increasingly becoming a kingdom of regulatory rules than values. Here, as it were triggered Einstein time effect: wandering in other worlds, the spacecraft “Ukraine” wants to return to Earth, and it’s been so many ages, the Earth, which are returned, it bears little resemblance to the planet, which once flew. Therefore, their challenge Maidan Ukraine as it encourages Europe to return to its long-forgotten past, where she does not want to return.

Therefore, Ukraine’s on-site marking may be evolutionarily justified if it provides yet invisible aging radical proposal, which reflects precisely the profound identity of our land. In this sense, today’s Ukraine – it is only civilized broth in which form “amino acids” new cultural body. However, a new alternative can mature, but is not obligated to do so. It’s like a babe in the womb: it should be born alive, but is not required …

Strong army, just order and modernize the economy Ukraine needs to be absorbed by the hateful Russia. However, the Kremlin’s triumphant defeat Chernomor can only approval of the new civilizational alternatives. This requires not so much money to Brussels, Ukrainian as the mobilization of their own intellectual and spiritual resources. In particular, it requires the mobilization of the young generation of our country, which is still the chaotic accumulation of atoms which do not yet know how to meet jointly in a molecule. However, it is this “molecule” under the force would be to say a new word civilization, from which the new countdown begins for Ukraine (and even for the whole of Europe).

My faith in the Ukraine is not based on the fact that this is my native land, and the obvious fact that it is here at least twice a serious bid for a return to the principles of value of the world was made. Despite the moral disorder in the state vector of national aspirations are very clear. In other states, despite their successes, valuable platform each time more and more noticeable degraded.

Unfortunately, for the majority of Ukrainians said geopolitical gripe – it’s a dead end, another historic rock, a judgment of God, that periodically hangs over our unfortunate people. But remember: every crisis – is both a chance that we can use, but which can and lose.

Sourse, 26/08/2016